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Year 6

Year 6 teachers: - Mrs Smithson & Mrs Chester (Poplar Class) and Mr Hogg (Maple Class)

Year 6 teachers: - Mrs Smithson & Mrs Chester (Poplar Class) and Mr Hogg (Maple Class) 1 Mrs Smithson Poplar Class Teacher
Year 6 teachers: - Mrs Smithson & Mrs Chester (Poplar Class) and Mr Hogg (Maple Class) 2 Mr Hogg Maple Class Teacher
Year 6 teachers: - Mrs Smithson & Mrs Chester (Poplar Class) and Mr Hogg (Maple Class) 3 Mrs Chester Poplar Class Teacher

For details of our current curriculum focus, visit the Curriculum section of our website





I hope this helps inform you of some of the routines and expectations in class.

* Reading logs are used. The children write down what they read and these are tallied up. They are kept in schools and filled in for the previous day. It is really important that the children continue to read to develop their vocabulary.

* Our P.E slots are on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. However, a sensible rule of thumb is to bring in PE kit (a change of top and bottoms as well as suitable footwear) on a Monday and take it home on a Friday. If they forget kit they are given work to do instead. 

* Homework is handed out every Friday and it is expected back on Friday the following week. There will often be two pieces.  There will be spares in class if they lose them. In order to help them prepare for the workload in secondary schools I believe they should be able to meet this deadline. The amount of time they take ranges from 20 mins to an hour in total. 

* We test their times tables and spellings on a Friday. They will have some time to study in class but this is something that should be done at home as well. Little but often works best. Please contact me if you want advice on how best to support your child in this. 



Learning with others.

As part of our core learning we looked at the importance of teamwork and thinking together in the exercise 'Helium Stick.' 

Observational art work


Term one update

Poplar class have made an impressive start to year six. Children are focused and ready to learn, not only in school, but the quality of home learning reflects their enthusiasm for our topic and their general positive attitude towards their learning.  


Term one has been a busy one! The children have produced some excellent illustrative work to accompany their stories based on stories we have shared and have enjoyed listening to a range of texts but are also engrossed in our class reader - 'Goodnight Mr.Tom'  As well as this, children have inspired others to explore different genres of books on our 'share a book' afternoon. Please encourage your child to share any books they are enjoying with their friends it is great to have a recommendation of a good read.


Our topic during term one and term two is World War 2. Thank you to everyone that has shared information of family members experiences of WW2. It is always great for the children to explore original artefacts to further stimulate their curiosity.


Our trip to Tyntesfield was enjoyed by all. The children enjoyed making carrot fudge and explored wartime recipes, made part of a rag rug and explored Tyntesfield house and gardens. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of our day.


We are looking forward to more exciting activities and events in term two! Have a look at the newsletter for more information.










We have added the newsletter to the website and our curriculum map, which should hopefully give you a flavour of year 6 in Poplar class, in terms of curriculum and routines. 

Mrs Smithson is in class Monday-Wednesday, as well as being in school but out of class for the rest of the week. Mrs Chester takes the class Thursday and Friday. 



Children have produced lovely high quality pieces on teams and team work skills for their initial homework. 

This week (19/09/19) we are asking the children to start a reading challenge (copy available below) designed to widen the range of their reading materials. Books are available from the school library. If children do have books or magazines at home that they have finished with, and would be suitable for a year 6 class library, we would be very grateful for donations. 

Poplar Photos


Homework Friday 8th November 2019

This week we have discussed who inspires us. Homework this week is to draw a statue of a person that inspires you. What would you record as their main achievements and why have they inspired you?

We will look forward to seeing all your inspiration figures on Friday 15th November.

Term 1 reading challenge homework

Homework 10/10/19 week 6 due in 17/10/19