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Welcome to Early Years at Sefton Park


We are delighted to welcome you to our School and are looking forward to the year ahead.


We have three Early Years classes, with a mixture of reception and nursery aged children in each, which we feel better meets the needs of our children whilst protecting the adult ratio for both groups of children at a time of falling budgets. There is also the added bonus of making the best use of our specialist early years staff and classroom and outdoor spaces, for the benefit of all children.


Please note that from September 2020 we will have 1 Nursery class and 2 reception classes. More information on this can be found in the admissions section on this website. 



Meet the Early Years Team

Picture 1 Ms Louise Howlett, Cedar Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mr Julian Swindale, Pine Class Teacher
Picture 3 Miss Charlotte Lonsdale, Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Miss Madeleine O'Loughlin, Cherry Class Teacher
Picture 5 Miss Imogen Stone, Teaching Assistant
Picture 6 Mrs Gayle Jannah, Teaching Assistant

Hello Everyone, 


We’ve loved getting your emails and letters and waving to you over the fence. We are missing you all, children and families. Please keep in touch and let us know if you need any more ideas or resources or if you just need a chat. Our EY team are in school throughout the week if you want to call the school number on 0117 377 3290 or you can email us too. 

We’d also really like to find out if anyone has dared the bean challenge - email us your results! 


Ms Howlett -

Miss O’Loughlin -

Mr Swindale - 


Eid is very very nearly here - keep an eye out on the new moon, it’s coming soon. It’s time to start celebrating, you could send a Happy Eid card to a friend. Paper chains are a great way to decorate your house (and a really good opportunity for mark making and patterns). You could post your card or text a friend with pictures of your decorations. 


There’s lots of information on the website underneath about Eid. Can you find out 3 new things about Eid?


In Cedar class last year we had an amazing time designing henna decorations for our hands. 

A thin paintbrush, an old eyeliner or a felt tip (if you’re feeling brave) would do the trick. 


Now that some people are getting out and about, there’s lots to see in the natural world. You could be a snail detective, or make some art work - the opportunities are endless.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the fix and fasten activity on the challenge card. Developing fine motor skills is a key part of supporting handwriting. The children are still at a very emergent stage of writing (in particular our Nursery children) and we focus on providing resources that support their fine motor skills. It can be really simple and you’ll be doing lots of things with the children already - for example, incy wincy spider actions, and kneading dough. 


This video is called Finger Aerobics and has some lovely stretches and exercises. We warm up before a run, we need to warm up our hands before we write too.


Dough disco is a very well known activity - dough and dancing!


This is a really good list of fine motor skills activities you can do at home.



Early Years Daily Routine