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Welcome to Early Years at Sefton Park


We are delighted to welcome you to our School and are looking forward to the year ahead.


We have three Early Years classes, with a mixture of reception and nursery aged children in each, which we feel better meets the needs of our children whilst protecting the adult ratio for both groups of children at a time of falling budgets. There is also the added bonus of making the best use of our specialist early years staff and classroom and outdoor spaces, for the benefit of all children.



Meet the Early Years Team

Picture 1 Ms Louise Howlett, Cedar Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mr Julian Swindale, Pine Class Teacher
Picture 3 Miss Charlotte Lonsdale, Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Miss Madeleine O'Loughlin, Cherry Class Teacher
Picture 5 Miss Imogen Stone, Teaching Assistant
Picture 6 Mrs Gayle Jannah, Teaching Assistant

Weeks Beginning 6/4 and 13/4


Hello EYFS!

It’s the ‘holidays’! Happy Easter to those of you celebrating. Please remember to take it easy and go at your own pace. Everybody’s family is in unique circumstances and we are all just making the best of it. You are doing a great job everyone. Have a look at this blog for some very sensible advice about home learning from an Early Years specialist.


Here’s some ideas for some easy activities to keep everyone busy over Easter. We are looking forward to sharing some ideas about Ramadan, which starts on Thursday 23rd April - an early Ramadan Murbarak to our families who will be observing this special time. 


New This Week

General - EYFS Home, we LOVE this website. It’s been set up by lots of Early Years experts in response to the need for EY home learning. The activities are play based, using things you can find at home, updated daily and themed around relevant topics such as Home, Spring and Eggs. We really like the Eggs topic, maybe you could get some ideas to work on a recipe book. Here’s the link;


Easter Maths - Use your amazing mark making skills to decorate some eggs (real or on paper). Can you combine 2 patterns? Can you make a pattern with marks or colours? Can you make an egg with a symmetrical pattern? 


Physical Development - When you are out and about on your walk - how many different ways can you move? Jumping, hopping, skipping? Maybe you could make a sequence? 


Ongoing Activities 

Reading - Sharing a story everyday. 


General - We would strongly recommend that you continue to look at the abc does website if you are looking for activities to try out at home. The activities are all low cost, use everyday items from around the home and this site is continually updated. Our favourite ones so far are Putting on a Show, Scrap Pictures and Cutting the Grass. The link is here


Cooking is a wonderful activity that has many opportunities for reading, writing, science and, of course, lots of maths. Try out lots of recipes and write your favourite. Maybe we could create class cookbooks when school reopens.


Reading - This website offers online access to the Oxford Reading Tree books. You will need to create a log in for this website but access is free.


Writing - Write or draw a picture for a friend and post it to them. You could always make it into a paper aeroplane and send it into a friend’s garden… (The teachers would also be happy to get a letter too if you send it to school.)


There are lots of birthdays coming up. Happy birthday from all your friends and teachers at Sefton Park

Miriam - 6th April

Caitlin - 12th April

Jiya - 15th April

Rudy - 24th April

Alfie - 27th April


Early Years Daily Routine