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Our Vision


At Sefton Park, we hope to instil the importance that sport plays in lifelong fitness, health and well-being.  We value sport and recognise the role it plays in developing friendships, fun and teamwork. 


As a school we want to create a buzz about physical activity, where P.E is challenging, safe and every child feels confident and ready to participate.

Our Aims


We aim to ensure that high quality Physical Education is experienced in a safe and supportive environment. We believe it is vital for developing a child’s physical and emotional health. Our pupils are given the opportunity to learn lots of new skills that they can practice both individually and in group situations, where much emphasis is placed on sharing, and working well in a team.

PE Curriculum


We have used our Sports Premium Funding by using the services of Sports Plus Scheme, a company which provides specialist P.E. Coaches. Our P.E. Coach, Mr O’Donoghue, teaches the full P.E. Curriculum alongside the class teacher from Reception up to Year 6. We cover a wide range of activities throughout the year including dance, team building, gymnastics and athletics.


In addition to the daytime PE activities, Sports Plus and other outside organisations provide a range of extra-curricular activities in the form of morning and after-school clubs. Follow the link below to find out more.

Term 4  2015-16: Dance


The focus will be on developing confidence with the moves learnt prior to the half term break. There will be opportunities to work in small groups, combining moves together to make some great dance routines! The children will also be recording their routines towards the end of the term in order for them to carry out analysis on their work.

Term 3 2015-16: Gymnastics and Dance


This term was split in half, with the first two weeks being used to develop group sequences within Gymnastics, building on the previous term of work. We began to work on Dance in week three, with KS1 starting Bhangra Dance, whilst KS2 began Street Dance.


KS1 began by focusing on exploring movement and creating patterns and are now putting together routines of Bhangra moves!


KS2 have been focused on learning floor and standing moves, building individual and group routines to perform.

Term 2 2015-16: Gymnastics


This term we had a focus on Gymnastics. Lessons have been about developing our agility, balance and coordination skills, using a variety of equipment, apparatus and floor work. We have been working hard on making sure that every child has had a full active part in every lesson, linking all of our jumps, rolls and balances together to make sequences.

Term 1 2015-16: Teamwork


The Focus of Term 1 was all about teamwork. Teamwork is a fundamental skill that can be applied in all sports. Not only that, but it’s a skill that can be transferred into many other areas of life. Each PE lesson has been designed to challenge our children to be able to work effectively as a team in a variety of different physical activities. It has been great to see that our children have been so inclusive and given every single activity their all. 

Early Years PE


Every Thursday morning, Mr O’Donoghue has been running sessions for children in Reception to work on improving fundamental movement, co-ordination and sharing.



We enter a number of non-competitive sports events and competitive tournaments throughout the year. This year, we have signed up to the Bristol Primary Games which gives us even more opportunity to offer pupils the chance to compete with other schools.

Sports Plus Scheme


Sports Plus Scheme has worked exceptionally well at Sefton Park and we feel that PE is one of the many great successes of our school. We are fortunate to have two excellent teachers; coaches who have seamlessly worked between all the Key Stages, and who have quickly embraced the culture of our school and got to know all the children as individuals.


We have utilised the skills of the Sports Plus Coaches to not only further the skills and knowledge of our children - ensuring that they receive high quality and varied PE - but also the skills of our teachers who work alongside the coaches. We have a greater number of children participating in clubs and competitions than ever before, we have a successful house system that embraces what sport can bring to our community, and we champion sport as a means of bettering education for all.


Dan Simson, Deputy Head