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List of Governors

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, every state school has a governing body, consisting of specified numbers of various categories of governors depending on the type and size of school. Governors are unpaid, but they may be reimbursed for expenses for such as the care of dependants or relatives and travel costs. Under section 50 of the Employment Rights Act 1996] employers must give anyone in their employment who serves as a governor reasonable time off their employ to carry out their governor duties. Employers can decide whether this time off is given with or without pay


There are four types of Governor at the Sefton Park Schools, with one governing body covering the federated schools.  These Governor types are:


  • Parent Governors: parents of children at the school;
  • Staff Governor: members of the school staff;
  • Authority Governors: (previously known as LEA Governors): nominated by the Local Authority; and
  • Co-opted Governors (previously known as Community Governors): members of the local community (appointed by the rest of the governing body).


Governor NameGovernor TypeAdditional RoleDate appointedDate stepped downTerm of officeCommittee MembershipDeclared InterestsPercentage of meetings attended in 2020/2021
Alia Ataya-WilliamsAuthority 12/07/20179/10/193 yearsCSCNoneN/a
Andrew HaynesCo-opted 10/12/19 4 yearsF&RNone0%
Andy LillieParent 25/5/2020 4 years Children in school100%
Cerys StevensParent

Vice chair

Children in Care governor

9/7/2018 4 yearsCSCChildren in school100%
Dan SimsonStaffHead Teacher29/09/2020  

F & R


Children in school; Employee at school100%



Co-optedSEND governro01/12/2018 4 yearsCSCChild in schooln/a
Jan LonsdaleStaffHead Teacher01/09/2007August 2020 F&RFamily members work at school; Employee at schooln/a
Jane WheelockCo-optedChair of Curriculum and Standards Committee, Heath and Safety Governor9/10/2019 4 yearsCSCGrandchildren in school100%
Maggie SmithsonCo-opted 22/5/2018 4 yearsCSCEmployee at school100%
Mukesh SolankiAssociate    F&RNone0%
Sally DoreCo-opted

Acting Chair

Vice Chair; Chair of Finance and Resources Committee

8/7/2019 4 yearsF&RGovernor at Red Maids' High School, Bristol100%
Sarah DavidgeClerk to Governors  31/10/2020n/a None0%
Tom MorrisonCo-opted 10/12/19June 2021 4 yearsF&R 100%
James Cox Co-opted 10/12/1929/9/20204 yearsF&R n/a
Corrie BellCo-optedSafeguarding governor10/2/19 4 yearsCCS 100%
Madeleine O'LoughlinStaff 22/4/2020 4 yearsCCS 100%
Carrie SpittlehouseCo-opted 29/9/2020 4 yearsF&R 100%
Amy LewisCo-Opted 19/10/2020 4 years Child at school100%
Rachel WillsCo-Opted 19/10/2020 4 years Child at School100%
Matt SladeCo-opted May 2021 4 years Child at School 
Neville CattonCo-opted May 2021 4 years Child at School 
Theo WoodsCo-opted 25 November 2020 4 Years