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School Meal Payments

Payments for School Meals


Infant-age children (Reception, Y1 and Y2) are covered by the Universal Infant Free School Meals scheme.


From November 2019 the price for a paid meal for Junior children will be £2.15 per day. Payments can be made via the school gateway (minimum payment £10.75) or at the office by cash.


You have the choice of paying up to a month, term or year in advance should you wish to, or ad-hoc amounts in multiples of £2.15. The termly dinner money payments are as follows:

Term 1 2020-2021 - £75.25

Term 2 2020-2021 - £75.25

Term 3 2020-2021 - £62.35

Term 4 2020-2021 - £62.35

Term 5 2020-2021 - £60.20

Term 6 2020-2021 - £68.80


Please drop cash payments into the school office post box, either prior to or on the morning that a school meal is required. Unfortunately, we cannot give a child a school meal if we have not received payment in advance and if this should happen you will receive a phone call requesting that you bring in a packed lunch for your child.


Please note that, when you are paying in cash, you must have the correct money as we are unable to give change. However we can carry forward ‘change’ to future meals so, for example, should you pay with a £5 note for two meals, the remaining £0.70p can be kept and put towards a future meal.


Cash must be placed in a money bag with your child’s name, class and meal choice clearly marked. Forms and money bags are available from the school office.

For more information about our online payments and messaging system, click on the link below: