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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Year 6 is a jam packed year of learning, Camp, the end of year performance and much more. 


This term sees us settling in and getting to know each other, with our Core Learning topic 'Learning With Others'; mastering a number of new artistic techniques in our mark-making fortnight; learning about  key figures, significant to Bristol, during Black History Month; going to the LifeSkills Centre to learn new skills which can be applied when out in the real world; and learning a lot in our topic: Evolution and Inheritance, where the origin of life is explored as well as how the world developed into what we see today. Not only that but we have a lot of fun and purposeful learning in Maths, English, Dance, P.E., Computing and Spanish lessons.


The pupils have all responded to the high expectations of Year 6 and we can already tell it's going to be a great year for both the pupils and the teachers.

Year 6 teachers: - Mrs Smithson & Mrs Bishop (Poplar Class) and Mr Fiakkas (Maple Class)

Year 6 teachers: - Mrs Smithson & Mrs Bishop (Poplar Class) and Mr Fiakkas (Maple Class) 1 Maggie Smithson
Year 6 teachers: - Mrs Smithson & Mrs Bishop (Poplar Class) and Mr Fiakkas (Maple Class) 2 Rachael Bishop
Year 6 teachers: - Mrs Smithson & Mrs Bishop (Poplar Class) and Mr Fiakkas (Maple Class) 3 Isaac Fiakkas


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Year 6 - Term 4 Newsletter 2017

Homework 19/01/17 Selling a useless product and sequences

Homework Term 3 - Week 1 Adding and subtracting decimals

Here are an assortment of images from our jam-packed term: visit to Tyntesfield (including the 'interesting' carrot fudge!) and of the visit for Graham Gordon from the Gloucestershire Regiment Museum- thank you for your contributions to enable this to happen.

Homework 01/12/16

This week's homework is a blend of our core learning (Independence and responsibility) and our topic (World War II). On the last day of term (16th December), we will be inviting parents in to school for our topic celebration (information to come). You will have the opportunity to dress up as World War II evacuees, share your work and sing some traditional World War II Christmas songs. 


Next week we will be rehearsing these songs. Your homework is to learn them before our practice. The songs are as follows:


Walking in a winter wonderland


Sing as we go


Let it snow


Underneath are the lyrics for you to view



Homework 24/11/16 Fractions, decimals and percentages equivalents - this week's homework is consolidation of the work we have done in class during weeks 2, 3 and 4 of this term. Please ask somebody if you need help.

Homework 10/11/16


This week's homework is consolidation of adding/subtracting or simplifying fractions. It has been given out on paper to all children. If another homework is required, please ask your class teacher/ teachers.

Term 1/2 spellings

Sept 29th 2016

Year 6 homework: to be handed in next Tuesday


You have discovered a new planet in the solar system. You return to Earth and have to persuade people to visit this new and exciting discovery. Your task is to produce a travel leaflet describing the planet, why people should visit and some of the activities on offer on this planet.


Make it appear as exciting and adventurous as possible. You may wish to include illustrations, diagrams, details of price and travel arrangements.

We will be looking for:

  • Tantalising description to persuade people to go and create enticing images for them to imagine.

  • Use of additional clauses to add depth and variety to your piece.

You may choose to present this on paper or using your googledocs account. Please speak to your teacher if you require any resources.

Homework Week 3 - writing a blurb


Congratulations on the high quality and enthralling stories you have written this week based on ‘The Savage’. Your homework is to write a blurb for this story.


What is a blurb?


A blurb is a piece of text, describing to a reader what to expect from your book - they are normally found on the back of a book


What should it contain?

  • Enough information for the reader to become interested in the story

  • Not so much information that they know exactly what happens in the story

  • A mystery or a reason for the reader to read the story

  • Assurance that your story is a great read

  • Powerful vocabulary to interest the reader: ‘spine-chilling discovery’ ‘thrilling adventure’

  • A final message for the reader - this could be phrased as a question or a command: ‘What is lurking in the wilderness? Do you have the courage to find out?’ ‘Don’t become a victim of the Savage!’

  • Although not part of a blurb, you could also include a short review


We cannot wait to see what you come up with,


The Year 6 team


Homework week 2


Your homework this week is to develop yourself as leaders within pupil parliament.

Please create guidelines on how Pupil Parliament will be run by you and the rest of your peer group. This should include…

  • A set of expectations to make the sessions run as smoothly as possible

  • Ways of getting people in your group to know each other

  • Games you could play so people can get to know each other and to re-focus the group


We look forward to your success!


The Year 6 Team