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Year 4 term 4 newsletter



Welcome to Term 4! We are looking forward to seeing you all at the end of this term for Parent's consultations (letter to follow).



We have already begun our Chocolate topic, with two talks about where chocolate comes from and how it is made! More information later on in this newsletter, plus a request for resources and volunteers to help us with the cooking!


World Book Day

We will celebrate World Book day on Thursday 7th March. We will be celebrating with dressing up, story writing and a book swap! If any parents/grandparents/family members are available to come and read us a story that is special to them on that day, we would love to hear from you! Stories in other languages are very welcome!



Mrs White is back with us for Spanish this term, where we will be receiving and responding to our Penpal letters from Spain, as well as learning about the calendar, pronunciation and Spanish cultural celebrations such as Carnaval, Las Fallas de Valencia and Pasqua (Easter).


RE enquiry day

This term we will be answering the question ‘If God is everywhere, why go to places of worship?’ We will be finding out about places of worship in a variety of religions, then writing and illustrating a poem about a place that is special to us. If you would like to come in and talk to us about places of worship in your religion, or indeed a place that is special to you, then we would love to hear from you!


Science Week competition

Remember the hedgehog vehicles from last year? Well this year's Science week involves raising awareness on the problem of plastics in our oceans. In groups, we will be making a moving seabird that is capable of catching fish, involving a zip wire and magnets!



This term both Cypress and Acacia will have PE on Monday mornings with the Sports Plus team, where they will be having a Maths lesson linked to rugby, and then a rugby lesson (Sums and Scrums!) and Wednesday afternoons with Mr O, our Sports Coach. Please can you ensure your child brings in an outdoor PE kit for these sessions, including a change of sensible footwear and that these items are clearly named. If they do not have their PE kit in school, they will be unable to participate in these PE sessions.


How you can help at home: Reading, Spellings and Times tables are a priority

  • Reading Logs

There continues to be an expectation that your child is reading daily, both independently and reading out loud. Comprehension style questions for you to ask alongside their reading are available on the school website. As well as their level books, children are able to access the school library where they have a selection of chapter books to choose from. Reading journals are still ongoing, with an aim to encourage reading and reading of a range of different genres. We would love to have parent volunteers in order to hear children read! If you have availability, we would really appreciate it.

  • Home learning/Spellings- both available on the school website.

Home learning is given out on a Thursday, expected back on the following Tuesday. Spelling challenges will be given weekly, and these spellings will be sent home so your child can practise.

  • Times tables

Weekly times tables challenges are still a priority and we would be grateful if you could continue to test your child on them regularly.By the end of year 4, children are expected to have learnt all of their tables (10x, 2x, 5x, 3x, 4x, 8x, 6x, 7x, 9x, 11x and 12x), including related division facts.


If you would like to meet with us for an informal chat, we are available most days after school. Please leave a message at the school office so we can arrange a good time to meet. Please feel free to leave any morning messages with a member of staff who is out in the playground, who will be happy to pass them on to the relevant teachers. Alternatively, you can leave a message in the school office. If there are any changes to home time arrangements, then please let us know earlier in the day. Thank you for your cooperation.


Kind Regards,

The Year 4 team



Info on our chocolate topic


Resources: (Request for empty chocolate packaging, moulds, extra ingredients and helpers!)

  • We have a request for chocolate packaging! If you have any chocolate at home (nut free of course), we would be grateful if you could send in the empty and washed packaging for us to analyse.
  • School will provide ingredients for children to make chocolates, as well as the popular extra ingredient marshmallows. We will also provide cupcake cases for children to make their chocolates in and cardboard for children to produce packaging. However, there are some ingredients specific to groups that your child may ask you to provide if possible e.g. caramel, popping candy. Some groups have also discussed shaping their chocolate using moulds. (silicone ice cube trays work well). If you have any moulds at home that you are happy for the children to use, could you please give them to your child to bring into school. These will be returned to you!
  • Help in cooking:

We are in need of helpers! If you are available to lend a hand with the cooking of the chocolate later on in the term we would be extremely grateful!



On Thursday 4th April, Year 4 children would like to invite you to their musical performance based on our Chocolate Topic. This will be at 2.45pm in the Junior Hall. Afterwards, their chocolate products will be sold in a stall in the playground. The money raised will be used for our next Topic! We look forward to seeing you there!

Miss Bradley, Mrs Chester (Cypress), Miss Smith (Acacia),

Miss Bradley, Mrs Chester (Cypress), Miss Smith (Acacia),  1
Miss Bradley, Mrs Chester (Cypress), Miss Smith (Acacia),  2
Miss Bradley, Mrs Chester (Cypress), Miss Smith (Acacia),  3

For further details of our current curriculum focus, visit the Curriculum section of our website


Take a look at the pictures below to see what we've been doing in class recently.

Spanish cultural day

Spanish cultural day 1

Roman day- Acacia

Mojo active trip- Acacia