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Year 5 Home Learning

Mango Class Home Learning


Homework will be handed out every Thursday. It should be returned the following Thursday.

Maths homework will be handed out every Friday. It is due back in the following Friday. 


English homework - handed out April 27th - The children have been given a worksheet based on identifying and creating sentences based on fact or opinion. 


Maths homework - handed out April 28th - We have been looking at telling the time and using time tables e.g. bus and train times. The children have a time worksheet and a stretch set of questions if they want to extend themselves. 

Kapok Class Home Learning


Thank you for all your support in helping the children to complete the homework activities. The Roundhouse structures that the children built for homework were fantastic. We were hugely impressed by the efforts the children had gone to. 


As always, if there are any problems with the homework activity set, please see or email us and we can help out! Homework will be set on a Friday and will be expected to be handed in on the following Friday. When possible we will also put a copy of the homework on here too.

Easter homework menu

Homework 24th March 2017

This week the children have been asked to become angles detectives! They must have a look around their homes and gardens for different angles - for example they could use the corner of a building of an example of an angle of 90 degrees. They should also look to find examples of acute, obtuse and reflex angles. There is are also some questions on area, perimeter and angles to revise. The homework is attached below.


This homework is due in on Thursday 30th March.




Picture 1

Homework : 17th March.

The homework this week is revision of key concepts we have taught. There are some revision notes and some activities to try. Spare copies are available in the classroom. The children do not have to complete all the activities - just the ones they find tricky and want to have a go at. This homework is not expected to be handed in. The children can refer back to this when needed.

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HOMEWORK FRIDAY 10th MARCH DUE IN ON THURSDAY 16th MARCH (answers attached to the challenge and stretch)

Homework 3rd March

This piece of homework is due in on Thursday 9th March.

This week the children have been asked to find examples of fractions, decimals and percentages in real life. They might look at food labels, discount vouchers, shop sale items or whatever else they might find/see. They could record this either by collecting examples of vouchers, taking pictures or noting down where they found examples of real-life fractions, decimals and percentages.


Stretch: Can you find any examples where fractions, decimals and percentages are used in a misleading way?


We are looking forward to seeing all the different examples they find.


Homework Friday 24th February.

This homework covers all that we have taught about fractions. There are some great websites that explain very clearly how to solve fractions based questions. If there are any problems please make a note on the homework or come in and see us and we can have a look together.



The following pages are great for learning about fractions: then search for the area of fractions you would like. - This is great for providing examples of how to complete different fractions questions along with other areas of maths too. There are great step by step videos.


I hope this is helpful!




Kapok half term homework

We hope you all have a lovely half term break. Please find the homework menu for the holidays below:

Fractions due in on 10th February.