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Year 5 Home Learning

Week 4 - Future inventions

Week 3 - inventions and inventors

Term 5 week 2 homework - area and perimeter

Homework Set March 1st Deadline March 6th

Year 5 half term homework: Macbeth


The year 5 play - Macbeth - is to be performed at the end of term 4. This half term homework is to prepare. 


The first part of preparing is learning lines. We would hope that children know all of their lines (and when to say them) by the Monday back. This will enable them to succeed best possible during the performance itself.


Success checklist:

  • Loud
  • Clear and slow enough to hear - this will sound unnaturally slow but that's showbiz
  • With intonation - acting surprised, scared, confused or determined when suitable
  • Hand gestures with words - scratching head or chin whilst thinking etc.


Tips for success

  • Practice EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE you can
  • Have one person at the bottom of the garden or in a different room and see if you can be heard saying your lines
  • Writing the script out to remember lines


The full script can be found here:


The next key piece of work is learning the songs, which everybody will sing - even back stage.

Links to lyrics, backing tracks and even tutorials can be found here:


Have a great half term. We can't wait to see how you have improved!



Homework set 18/01/18 - Myths and legends artwork and blurb


This week’s homework is to write a blurb for your myth or legend accompanied by a high quality illustration


What is a blurb?


A blurb is a piece of text, describing to a reader what to expect from your book - they are normally found on the back of a book


What should it contain?

  • Enough information for the reader to become interested in the story

  • Not so much information that they know exactly what happens in the story

  • A mystery or a reason for the reader to read the story

  • Assurance that your story is a great read

  • Powerful vocabulary to interest the reader: ‘spine-chilling discovery’ ‘thrilling adventure’

  • A final message for the reader - this could be phrased as a question or a command: ‘What is lurking in the wilderness? Do you have the courage to find out?’ ‘Don’t become a victim of the Savage!’

  • Although not part of a blurb, you could also include a short review


We cannot wait to see what you come up with.

Optional homework 14/12/2017


Our topic for next term is all about the Anglo-saxons and Vikings. During this topic, we will research all about their lives and cultures as well as creating museum pieces based around this topic.


Your homework over the holidays is to research an aspect of the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings or museums. There are a whole range of things to research:

  • Anglo-Saxon or Viking traditions

  • Anglo-Saxon or Viking myths and legends

  • Anglo-Saxon or Viking geography

  • Anglo-Saxon or Viking tools and ways of making things

  • Anglo-Saxon or Viking weapons and armour

  • Anglo-Saxon or Viking jewellery

  • Anglo-Saxon or Viking boats and travel

  • Anglo-Saxon or Viking timelines

  • Anglo-Saxon or Viking forms of government

  • How people choose what goes in museums

  • How museums research history

  • What the roles of staff in museums are


These could be presented in a number of ways:

  • Artwork

  • Models or mobiles

  • Posters

  • Information texts

  • Powerpoint presentation

  • Stories

Mango Homework  Term 2 Week 5 - Instructional writing - Set 30th November - Due 5th December


This week, you have an option of what to do for your homework.

  1. Write an instruction or explanation text on a topic of your choice


E.g. How to survive a year with Mr Fiakkas, How to defeat the Ender dragon, How to make the perfect cake.


Remember the features:

  • Heading and subheadings

  • Topic sentences and closing sentences

  • Formal and technical vocabulary

  • Language for cause and effect



   2. Draw a high quality picture of your alien and label it. Maybe you could even draw it in different moods or situations.


Please ensure it is a high standard by using shading, different mark making techniques to illustrate the different textures on your alien and colour.


If you need to use any of the school resources, please let us know.




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