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Year 5


Welcome to Year 5. We are all back from our summer break, ready and raring to learn. This year will see us learning all about the wonders of space, the legendary lives of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings and the hard wok that goes into building fairgrounds.


The children have settled in excellently so far. They are keen to learn, are setting an excellent example for others around school and are being kind, respectful and considerate to one another. Our markmaking fortnight is drawing to a close but the creativity doesn't stop there. There will still be a range of fun and challenging learning in English, maths, science, computing, music, Spanish, PE, art and the list goes on.


Our topic looks at the overarching question of 'What Makes Earth Unique In The Solar System?' up until Christmas. This will be divided into two parts, one looking more and space and one more at earth. This term we ask 'How Do We Travel Into Space?' As mentioned, the topic will cover a number of areas. It will particularly focus on Science, with a heavy investigative element, looking at orbits, gravity, the different planets, rocket propulsion, how we study space (particularly building on our knowledge of light from Year Four) and how space technology could be useful to us. We will also be coding space-based computer games, doing music activities around space, learning Spanish related to space, and creating art linked to space.


We can already tell this year is going to be a great one. See you in the playground!

Term 4 Newsletter

Kapok Get Curious...


Kapok finished their Term One topic which asked the question 'How Do We Explore Space?' by visiting We The Curious. This included watching a 3D solar system show, and doing a number of space-related investigative activities. These included making and testing rockets, identifying the best material for a space nappy, identifying the affects of air pressure on marshmallows, deciding what could keep someone strong in space and trying to control a robotic arm. They also had an opportunity to explore the whole range of interactive science exhibits that We The Curious offers. 

For details of our current curriculum focus, visit the Curriculum section of our website


Take a look at the pictures below to see what we've been doing in class recently.

Kapok On The Move With Their Learning


Kapok have been assessing their mental maths with a series of treasure hunts, and building some of the larger new numbers in the Year Five curriculum. They've also been training to be astronauts, basing their ideas on an astronaut candidate selection program, led by famous astronaut Chris Hadfield. Challenges include fitness through the bleep test, judging time in limited environments (by taking shoes on and off with their eyes shut while trying to judge three minutes), being given challenges after their senses have been distorted (trying to get an idea of what challenges astronauts have in space linked to gravity) and speed origami to test their precision. Challenges will continue as the term goes on...