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Poetry Corner

We recieved this wonderful Poem from one of our parents, Jo Bennett, saying thank you to the school for being the glue that has held families together. We think it is so fabulous that we wished to share it with you all. Thank you Jo. 


Also, to share with you, one of our Year 5 teachers, Dan Smith, has wirtten this poem for his class. Again, we thoughtyou might like it. 


Bye For Now...

Kapok, this year has undoubtedly been weird,

But happy memories have kept me cheered

From astronaut challenges that can befuddle,

To discovering more about wizard and muggle

From coding games where we zap and fly,

To be We The Curious, to always ask why?  

We imagined life as a Viking raider, 

Classmate in trouble? We'll always aid 'er.

Though home learning may sometimes be fraught

Much has been learned, much has been taught

Because a wonder of the world must be, 

That learning is a lovely, life-long journey!