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Fun, friendship and favourable feedback at Year 6 Camp

Our annual Year 6 camp took place at a beautifully-located PGL facility in late March. Widely regarded as a rite of passage for children completing their Junior school education, our aim at Sefton Park is to:

  • provide the children with a variety of opportunities to challenge and learn about themselves;
  • ensure our children have a broad and balanced school experience; and
  • help them prepare for their transition to secondary education.

Day 1 - Settling in

Day One was a huge success. Lunch and dinner was interspersed with activities including quad biking and archery. In the evening, everyone played a huge game of ambush; night hide-and-seek in the woods. The children spent day one learning how to stay warm and which clothing was most appropriate for the occasion!


Day 2 - An action packed day

The group was blessed with fine sunny weather and spirits remained high. For many, the highlight of the day was the opportunity to spend, spend, spend at the gift shop.


Others maintained a sense of adventure and enjoyed a wide range of activities: such as the gut-wrenching feeling of freefall on the giant swing; aeroball; zip wire; Jacob's ladder; the crate challenge; or the opportunity to drive quad bikes. The children were brilliant; really encouraging of each other and making the most of the opportunities. We saw some impressive bravery in the face of such challenges.


Day Two drew to a close with a campfire under a full moon and some very enthusiastic singing, especially from Mr Fiakkas!


Day 3 - The Disco beckons

Most children got wet on Day Three. Some through choice, as they gleefully threw themselves out of home-made rafts into a lake, proudly guarded by some Canadian Geese. Others though were less keen to enjoy a swim in the lake but, alas, their crafts were not securely built or well-conceived enough to keep them dry.


The evening disco was brilliant. The children were amazing; there was lots of dancing, including some great moves from Mr Moody! For those children not interested in dancing, they could enjoy the 'chill out zone' where a variety of games were available.


Day 4 - It's almost over

On the final day, children enjoyed morning activities in small groups, including wood survival skills, such as making dens and fires.


The group leaders ('groupies') were really impressed with the children, saying that they had been a fab group and well behaved. Sefton Park has upheld its reputation for another year!