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Morning, Lunchtime and After School Activities

Sefton Park offers a range of morning, lunchtime and after-school clubs and activities with a variety of options from different providers to suit every taste. Please see full details below.

Sefton Park Breakfast and Afterschool Club


The Sefton Park Schools Breakfast Club and Treetops Afterschool club are open to all pupils attending Sefton Park Schools and Nursery.  Breakfast club is open from 7.30 to 8.45am, with last breakfast orders at 08.30. Treetops Afterschool club is open 3.30-6.00.


For full details, follow the link below.


As well as our on-site breakfast and afterschool club there are wide range of externally run breakfast, lunchtime and after school activity clubs.


School Activities Term 2

Forms for all activities are available from outside the school office.   

Or if you want to contact any activity organisers direct...

Clubs in blue email

Kung Fu  or parents can contact the instructor, Chuin Kee, or 07969 426 514 

The Outdoors project visit 

Street dance

Musical Theatre Jazz Dance see letter below or


Activities before school


Monday morning

Tuesday morning

Wednesday morning

Kung Fu                 8.00-8.45.      KS2

Thursday morning

Friday morning


Activities after school



Gymnastics             3.30-4.30.     Reception, Years 1/2           Start 4/11/2019   £35


Street Dance Club  3.30-4.30     Years 2/3/4/5/6  

Girls Football          3.30-4.30     Years 3/4/5/6                        Start 5/11/2019  £35

Drama Club            3.30-4.30     Years 5/6          


Kung Fu                  3.30 - 4.15    Reception, Years 1/2 

Boys Football          3.30 - 4.30    Years 4/5/6                         Start 6/11/2019 £35

Outdoors Project     3.30- 4.30     Years 1/2/3/4/5/6   

Netball                     3.30-4.30      Years 3/4/5/6                      Start 6/11/2019  £35

Thursday Note the school will be used as a polling station on Thursday 12th December the school will be closed and there will be no clubs that day

Football                   3.30-4.30      Reception, Years 1/2          Start 7/11/2019 £35

Street Dance           3.30-4.30      Reception, Years 1/2 


Gymnastics             3.30-4.30     Years 3/4/5/6                       Start 8/11/2019 £35

Musical Theatre

Jazz Dance              3.30 - 4.30    Years 4/5/6 

Year 5/6 Drama Club

Musical Theatre Jazz Dance