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ECO Council


In 2014-15, Sefton Park established an Eco Council, with two representatives from each class meeting on a termly basis. At those meetings, children made suggestions on:

  • Improving the accessibility and operation of Gardening Club;
  • Arranging eco-related school trips for different year groups; and
  • Improving resources for eco-learning in class.

We have been working with the Eco Council to help save energy and also to enhance our outdoor spaces. In 2016, the Eco Council achieved a staggering energy saving exceeding £8,500!


This is a fantastic achievement made by the children, and we are hoping to continue this work through the following:



  • ‘Closing the loop’ - our recycled paper and cardboard is sent to a local factory to be recycled into renewable resources. 
  • Further energy saving activities
  • ‘Rent a chicken’ 
  • Green House – creating a green house using only recycled material e.g. plastic bottles
  • Defined environmental responsibilities
  • Environmental awareness activities


Nursery Environmental Engagement

  • Gardening activities – Bulb planting, mini beasts, propagation, seed sowing, tree planting, pollination and also environmental understanding and responsibility.
  • Environmental awareness activities


Gardening Environmental Club

  • Rotating throughout year groups
  • Planting
  • Seed sowing
  • Botany
  • Cultivation
  • Modification to vegetable plot – children to take responsibility for the plot. Parents are eager to help us make this successful and we value their community input. We are providing resources to make this successful.


Responsibility for School Grounds and Environment

  • Regular litter picking and recycling duties carried out weekly by all year groups to improve their understanding of our shared school environment.