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Year 6 Camp 2017

Day 1 - Settling in


We are pleased to report that the group arrived all safe and sound. The children are loving the food and their luxurious rooms!


We played a game of ambush in the woods last night and everyone had a great time.

Day 2 - Action adventure day


Today has been a great day. The children enjoyed loads of activities, including:

  • Raft Building - only a few fell in!
  • Jacob's Ladder, an exercise involving teamwork and friendly co-operation, which was excellent; and,
  • Den Building, plus loads more.


We congregated around the camp fire this evening. Fun times!

Day 3 - Activity Day 2


We've had a day of heights today: zip wire, trapeze, giant swing and many more of all the favourites. 


It was amazing to see so many children step out of their comfort zone and achieve what they thought they couldn't. The Sefton Park growth mindset is shining through!


To make things even better, we had a fry up for breakfast, tacos for lunch and pizza for dinner. Lovely job!

Day 4 - The Disco beckons


A great day today. A lot of relaxing in the sun and generally enjoying ourselves.


Some of us have been deep underground in the tunnel trail. We found a frog! 


We had the disco this evening, which was great fun. Lots of dancing and happy times!

Day 5 - It's almost over wink


After their final morning of activities and lunch, the children will be heading back to Sefton Park to the welcoming arms of their family members.


We anticipate that the children will be arriving back between 3pm and 3.15pm.  Parents/carers are requested to meet their child in the main playground, to ensure safe handover. Please do not wait on the main road to greet the children off the coach. Thank you.