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Year 3 Home Learning

How is Bristol Brilliant Weeks 4 - 6! Choose a homework from the dated column over the next three weeks.

How is Bristol Brilliant? Choose a challenge from the menu, over the next three weeks!

Green Elephant Stall homework

How Is Bristol Brilliant? Homework Menu - Choose one of these challenges each week - it's up to you which one you'd like to do...the only 'rule' is that you try at least one of the 'extra-hots' per term...Enjoy!

Bristol classroom!

Year 3 Spring Holiday Homelearning


After making sure that you all prioritise rest, relaxation, recuperation and lots of great fun during the holidays, your Spring Holiday task is to create something for the Sefton Park Spring Exhibition which will take place near the beginning of Term 5. Either later in the first week back, or perhaps in the second; Ms Lonsdale will be setting the date.

What are we looking to exhibit: almost anything to do with nature and wildlife in action this Spring!

Alongside Mr. Smith’s wildlife photography competition, we can include paintings, model gardens, stories and poems, flowers that you have grown…be creative, how can you represent Spring this year?

Wk 7 Homelearning - Parts of a Flower

Year 3 Home learning

Date given out: Thursday 23rd March 2017

Date to be returned: Tuesday 28thMarch 2017

Year 3 have been reading James and the Giant Peach this term. We would like you to write a book review about it on the following worksheet. You must include a summary of the story. What were your favourite bits? Would you recommend it to a friend? Use full sentences and all the writing devices we have been learning to keep our reader engaged.

book review template

Negative numbers addition 16.3.17

Year 3 are using James and the Giant peach as part of their adventure story work. Could Baobab please read chapters 14-18 or have an adult read them to you. Please make sure that you bring the book to school with you every day as we will be using it in class. Good luck!

powerful verbs 2.3.17

dragon writing 9.2.17

Grid Method Multiplication Home Learning - handed out 2/2/17 - due in 7/2/17

Past tense home learning

Date given out: Thursday 26th January 2017

Date to be returned: Tuesday 31st January 2017


This week in English we have been looking at the use of the past tense. Can you change the underlined verbs into the past tense? Watch out for the irregular verbs!


Top Tip- remember you can say the sentence outloud starting with the word 'yesterday.' Which verb sounds the best?



1. I walk through the park. - Yesterday, I _________ through the park.

2. I run along the beach.

3. Miss Smith teaches Baobab class.

4. I want to go to the zoo.

5. I eat my sandwich in the kitchen.

6. I have a banana in my bag.

7. I see a crow flying overhead.

8. I go to bed when I'm tired.

9. I love going to the cinema.

10. I hate marmite.

The Expanded Method of Addition!

Date give out: Thursday 19th January 2017

Date to be returned: Tuesday 24th January 2017


This week we have been learning the expanded method of written addition – home learning this week is to practise this method and consolidate our understanding of how it works. Teach the method to someone at home and see if they can try it, too.

If you complete the problems on the sheet and would like to do more, then use dice to generate two- and three-digit numbers to add together.


And don’t forget to keep practising your times tables!

The Coyote and the Hen


Date given out: Thursday 12th January 2017

Date to be returned: Tuesday 17th January 2017


This term we are looking at stories from Guatemala. Please can you read the story ‘The Coyote and the Hen,’ by yourself or with a grown up. Then answer the questions about it in your home learning book. Good luck!

The Coyote and the Hen


Once upon a time a hen was up in the branches of a tree, and a coyote came up to her:

"I've brought some good news for you. Do you want to hear it?" asked the coyote.

"Do you really have some good news?" the hen asked.

The coyote answered: "It's about the two of us." Hear this, the coyote and the hen have made peace. Now we're going to be friends and you can come down from the tree. We'll hug each other as a sign of good will."

The hen kept asking if it was true what the coyote was saying: "Where was the peace treaty approved, brother coyote?" The coyote answered:

"Over there by the hunting grounds on the other side of the mountain. Hurry up and come down so that we can celebrate this moment of peace."

The hen asked: "Over there on the other side of the mountain?"

"May God witness that I am telling the truth. Come on down from the tree," insisted the coyote.

"Maybe you are telling the truth, brother. I see that the dog is coming to celebrate the fiesta with us, because you and he are also going to make peace. I see him coming near, I hear him coming. He's coming fast and he's going to grab me, now that you and he have made peace. Do you hear, brother coyote, do you hear?" asked the hen. She was very happy and came down from the branches of the tree.

The coyote accepted this explanation and ran away. As the hen said, the dog was coming, that's why he left. The hen didn't want to come down from the tree. She didn't fall in front of the coyote; if she had, he would have eaten her. She realized he was just telling her lies.

Thus ends the story of the coyote and the hen.



  1. Where was the hen when the coyote came up to her?
  2. What did he say to her to persuade her to come down?
  3. Did she believe him straight away?
  4. What story did the hen tell the coyote as she climbed down the tree?
  5. What was the purpose of the story?
  6. Did the coyote and the hen become friends?
  7. What happened at the end of the story?
  8. In your opinion, who was the cleverest- the coyote or the hen?

Puppet Research


Given out: Thursday 5th January 2017     

Due back: Tuesday 10th January 2017                 


For our topic we are looking at designing and producing a Guatemalan (Mayan) puppet to use alongside the play scripts we will be writing. We will be using felt glove puppets to sew together. In topic this week we will begin to look at a variety of puppets and their designs.


This week’s home learning is to research a variety of puppets and specifically how different materials are joined to create facial features/expressions, joints and moving parts.