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Welcome to Reception

Painting and Planting


Forest School Sessions

Avon Valley Country Park

Looking After The Chickens


It was Reception's turn to look after the school chickens for the week. In groups the children collected eggs, cleaned the eggloo, topped up the grub containers with food, fed the chickens treats, filled the drinking water and some even had the chance to give the chickens a little cuddle. The children have enjoyed the responsibility and were very sensible and gentle around the chickens and in their space.



The children fully embraced our topic, pirates, after learning about different forms of transport and thinking about

different types of boats. They enjoyed getting dressed up as pirates for our launch day and many got into character, scarily so! The children enjoyed immersing themselves in pirate stories. They made props to help them get into

character and made boats which we tested in the paddling pool at St Andrew's Park. 

Trip to Bristol Zoo

Reception enjoyed their first school trip to Bristol Zoo. The day included an educational session all about Mini Beasts, explorations around the zoo in small groups. and some time to play in the adventure playground. The children were able to consolidate their learning about about different animal groups, what animals need, how they move, and their habitats. It was such a sunny and glorious spring day and we all loved it!

World Book Day

PE and Circuits

The children have been really enjoying their PE sessions with Mr O. They have been developing their gymnastic skills and have been developing their ability to hold a pose, to balance, to travel in different ways, as well as using apparatus to climb and jump from. 


The children really enjoyed the circuits they completed to take part in the fundraising to support our visiting paralympian. 

Spanish Cultural Day

Our wonderful Reception class enjoyed being part of the whole school Spanish Cultural Day. Thank you so much to parents for getting the children's outfits together. The children enjoyed listening and dancing with instruments to Spanish music. They also enjoyed learning about Spain and Spanish food and made Patatas Bravas, which they all asked for more of! It was a great day!

Chinese New Year

We learnt lots about Chinese New Year. The children looked at Chinese numerals and writing, they learnt how to wish someone Happy New Year in Chinese, they learnt the story of Chinese New Year and how the order of the animals for the Chinese Zodiac was decided, they learnt about Chinese New Year traditions and customs, and had a very good go at eating noodles with chopsticks! 


We have been enjoying using the kitchen in Ashley house where the children have learnt how to make a fruity cake, a stir fry and patatas bravas. Yum yum!


The past two terms our learning has been all about animals. The children have learnt about different animal groups, what animals eat, where they live, how they move and their features and what makes them special. The children have learnt about a range of habitats and what habitats must have in order to keep the animals that inhabit them alive.


It was great to kick off the term with our animal ball. We have a few pictures of the costumes that the children wore. Enjoy!

Our Magical Nativity

We have been reading lots of Christmas and winter stories with the children. To prepare for our Nativity we asked the children to choose a character from the Nativity story or other stories that they would like to be, some deviated from these stories which made it all the more magical. Mr Gavriel and I then sat down on Tuesday Afternoon last week and wrote the script. We used the Polar Express as our way of introducing the more unusual characters into the story of the Nativity. We only started rehearsals on the Wednesday afternoon of the week before the performances and we think the children did a truly magnificent job! We hope you enjoyed it. Here are some photos of the play...

Christmas Lunch

We all had a jolly nice time pulling crackers and eating our Christmas lunches together.

Polar Express Afternoon

The children enjoyed an afternoon where they went on a Polar Express Journey to the North Pole. They enjoyed Hot chocolate whilst listening to the story and singing songs. Fun was had by all.

Polar Express Experience

Making Christmas Decorations


All the children were given the task of drawing their own Christmas decoration and cutting it out. The children then decorated and made marks on both sides. The result...some truly wonderful and unique decorations that we hope will be treasured for years to come.


Welcome and Thank You


Welcome to all our new children and families. It has been so lovely getting to know you all over the past few weeks. The children have made a fantastic start to their school life and are settling in very well.


We have been so impressed with the children's independence and resilience. Thank you  for preparing them so well for their Reception year. 


Here are some pictures of what we have been up to. Enjoy!



Taking Notice

5 Ways to Well-Being

Some Useful Information...

Physical Development

Thursday Mornings


Please send your child into school wearing PE clothing every Thursday. Comfortable trainers with Velcro straps or daps are a must! 


PE clothing:  T-shirt, jumper, jogging trousers or leggings (shorts in warmer months), socks (no tights please) and trainers or daps. 


In Reception, the children have access to the outdoor area and are active and moving for most of their school day so we will not be asking the children to change out of these clothes but if they would like to bring in a change of clothes that is fine with us!





All children have now been given their bookbags, which they seem very proud about. Inside you will find a yellow reading diary for home/school communications about your child's reading interests and skills. Please spend at least 10 minutes a day reading with your child. Below are some websites that are specifically designed to develop early reading skills.


We will send home words and sounds to learn at home. We will add resources here to help you support your child.  




Expressive Arts and Design



Please bring in any appropriate 'junk' that can be used to build and make models with. We politely ask that all 'junk' is clean, nut free and safe for handling.


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